The next generation property

    Unitfab is a manufacturing company. We build houses and hotels in our factory. And we sell them ourselves. So we control quality and can reduce the final price.

    We believe that build house over the years is a relic of the past.

    We have invested hundreds of hours comparing materials, layouts, designs. Initially, no compromises were made with quality and convenience.

    You get a complete, complete product.

    Now you can order a spacious, reliable, functional and safe house with repairs, furniture and appliances and start living in it after 6-12 weeks.

Building a better future

For life

Serial models

For business

Hotel units

Modern house

Scandinavian minimalism. Functionality. Attention to every detail.

Choose from 3 trim levels or order yours.

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Exhibition house

H106, Sadova 136, Osokorky, Kyiv, Ukraine